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  1. Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger

    A book as good as Shoe Dog
  2. Fractional CTO

    Trying new things.
  3. WWDC21

    My top features from Apple’s WWDC21 event.
  4. Being a Beginner

    The journey than the goal.
  5. Work From Home

    Work to live or live to work?
    #remote work
  6. Inward

    When in doubt, pick up this book.
  7. A Man & His Watch

    This book is a fantastic read about the authentic stories of watches and their owners.
  8. Website Performance

    JAMStack and the new way to build websites.
  9. My Mediocre Skills

    Combine your mediocre skills into a powerful force
  10. Sky Gradient

    Experimenting taking pictures of the sky
  11. Security Catch-22

    Rely on one vendor and you’re screwed if they get hit. Rely on multiple and all it takes is one.
  12. Soundscapes

    Extracting sounds from places which are hard for humans to access.
  13. Setting up Netlify CMS with Eleventy

    Important notes on configuration when using Netlify CMS with Eleventy
  14. Create Less Friction

    Get things going with less friction
  15. 20 Things I Learnt and Experienced in 2020

    2020 was a year of learning. That is the way I look at it!
  16. Always Be Learning

    These courses are not about learning the syntax, but to know what is possible when you are dreaming about building something.
  17. The Way I Bullet Journal

    The Analog Method for the Digital Age.
    #Bullet Journal
  18. Focused Product - Kindle

    Sometimes, it's a joy to use products that do less.
  19. Yin and Yang - Can My Apple and Mechanical Watches Co-Exist?

    An Apple Watch does a lot. Mechanical watches do less. Which one would I choose?
    #mechanical watch #apple watch
  20. Digital Detox

    “Less mental clutter means more mental resources available for deep thinking.” ― Cal Newport

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